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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 23, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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a high school student punished for a prank at a football game. what happened when the appeal went before school officials today. >> good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. we begin with the weather. let's begin with doug kammerer, tracking the conditions right now. doug. >> we were talking about that widespread one to three inches across the area. the good news, we saw the one to three inches of rain, but it was not over a short amount of time, it was over the entire day today. we have not seen much in the way of flooding. flash flood watch still in effect for some areas to the east of i-95. notice, we have taken the washington, d.c. area out of there. montgomery county and fairfax county is no longer under the watch. that is good news as the rain pulls off to the east. you have rain and heavy rain in portions of southern maryland then nothing. there's no rain falling to the
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west. we could see showers develop in this area. we are not totally done with the rain. take a look on the radar. you can see where that back edge of the line is around andrew's air force base and eastern portions of the montgomery county area and the laurel region. still heavy rain and still rain toward charles and st. mary's county. on the whole, we dodged a bullet here. we are not going to continue to see the rain move in now. it is moving out. the complete forecast coming up. >> thank you, doug. >> thanks, doug. a number of residents and business owners are quite nervous about all the rain. it's been two weeks now since tropical storm lee hit. many of them are still cleaning up and drying out from that one. we are up in upper marlboro now with this. >> reporter: a lot of residents tell me, when they walk outside, they see the ominous sky and see
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the rain. they dodged a bullet but they are still concerned about all this. they haven't had in time to dry out what so ever. we had tropical storm lee, then all of a sudden, they have cracks in their basement. they are trying to get their lives back in order. they come out and see the rain. i talked to a man who has an auto repair shop. they lost close to $90,000 because of the storms. >> let's hope for the best. >> reporter: he's concerned after looking at the rain falling outside. tropical tomorrow lee dumped close to two feet of rain in his repair shop. >> what happened here last week was crazy. thinking about rain right now makes me want to put sandbags outside. >> reporter: county officials said they are prepared but residents have a responsibility. >> pay attention to the news. >> reporter: parts of the d.c. metro area could see one to
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three inches of rain through this evening. the ground is saturated in upper marlboro. >> we are going to get a lot of rain. >> reporter: many businesses are still recovering from flood damage. folks who walk to the county administration building to go to the lower level, when they come, they can't get in. it is still closed because they got flooded out. a slope is weakened by the rain from irene and lee. a lot of folks we talk to just want the rain to stop. >> right now, i wish it would just dry up. >> reporter: a lot of folks wish it would dry up. they had things scheduled this weekend, football games, little league. they are saying we just want the sun to come out. live in upper marlboro. back to you guys. >> thanks. homeowners in virginia have
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a close eye on a retaining wall. it shifted during recent rain. it threatened several condos in woodbridge. two dozen families have been evacuated from there. with more rain on the way, people are still fearing they will be forced to pick up and leave soon, too. emergency shelter set up for victims in woodbridge closed this afternoon. more than 70 people were displaced after floodwater damaged the holly acres mobile home park. many of the residents have been living at the first mt. zion baptist church since then. red cross jumped in and they were helping them find temporary or permanent housing. the driver of the deadly hit and run could be out of jail soon. he hit a man on a scooter, then kept driving. he was granted bail.
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john schriffen is live with the latest on this. john. >> reporter: good evening. we are waiting for the family to come to the detention center and pick up their son a few hours after the judge granted him bail of $15,000. the prosecution claims immediately after the incident, the 22-year-old reeked of alcohol and he was so incoherent when they brought him to the police station, he asked them which station are we at in pennsylvania. the defense painted a different picture of the client. he's an honor student claiming he's never been in trouble with the law. the judge sided with them because the 22-year-old is a former eagle scout. the 22-year-old will be released on bail just one day after police say he was responsible for a deadly hit and run. this was the scene thursday with the car's horn still blaring.
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both air bags deployed and a red motor scooter lodged under it. he rear ended the scooter near edmonson drive. the force was so strong, it threw the man on the scooter on to the hood of the car. after dalton drove off, the victim was thrown to the side of the road, later dying at the hospital. in court, officers were on patrol. they saw the buick speeding down rockford pike. after driving more than a mile, the police were able to stop the car after officers maneuvered in front and drew a weapon. dalton failed a field sobriety test, reeked of alcohol and refused a breathalyzer test. the suspects parents and lawyer left the courthouse. no one wanted to comment to the media. inside the courtroom, all three spoke out defending his character. they painted a picture for the judge this was the 22-year-old's
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first run-in with the law. he recently graduated where he made the dean's list. he moved to the area two months ago from his home outside philadelphia for his first job outside of college. he's a computer programmer for john hopkin's university making $69,000 a year. most of the time the family was pleading with the judge to let their son go so he could keep his well paying job at john hopkin's university. not much mention of sorrow or remorse for the victim or the victim's family. prosecutors have not charged him with a dui. they are waiting the results of a blood test. he's charged with leaving the scene of a deadly accident and will be back in court november 1st. john schriffen, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. the student at bowie state university who was murdered in
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her dorm room has been laid to rest. friends and family got together in southeast d.c. for her funeral. her roommate, alex sis simpson was charged for her murder. she's held without bond. they had an argument over loud music. that led to the stabbing thursday night. frazier grew up in the district. a maryland state lawmaker has been indicted on theft charges. she represents prince george's county and accused of using campaign funds to pay for wedding things. she diverted $660 of campaign money for her personal use. she did not return calls left at her statehouse office. another set back for mayor vincent gray. he's withdrawaling the nominee to head the ethics board. they have been beset with staff
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problems since the mayor took office back in january. we have the report. >> reporter: this week, major vincent gray nominated ballette. dorothy brazil disclosed mallet hasn't lived here long enough to qualify to hold the post. he huddled with ron collins to discuss what went wrong. >> from 885 and american university in washington welcome to the politics hour. >> reporter: on friday's wamu politics hour, hours before the nomination was dead, d.c. council chairman muriel bowser who oversees the appointment said they are too troubled to waste any requirement for the top ethics job. >> we talk ethics reform. you heard how agitated the callers are.
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this is the most pivotal person in this ethics discussion. in my view, there should be no controversy around the appointment of the chairman. this is a basic requirement. >> reporter: for mayor gray, it's another staffing em bar rszment and misstep that hampered him since january. the entire city government is under a cloud of bad ethics. some current laws just need to be enforced. a lot of things people are concerned about, whether the allegations of election fraud or campaign finance irregularities or if somebody misused money, these are things that are against the law. we don't need a transformation of the laws to address these things. we need enforcement of the law. >> tom sherwood, news 4, washington. a formal announcement
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withdrawaling his name would be released soon. stocks close slightly higher ending a volatile week on wall street today. the dow was up 38 points to end at 10,771. the nasdaq was up 28 points and s&p 500 up seven points. the dow had the worst week in nearly three years. all week long, traders worried about a global recession. moody's downgraded eight greek banks by two points. coming up on the broadcast, palestinians took their bid for statehood to the united nations. >> david gregory is in the studio to break down the gop debate and who came out ahead. d.c. history going on the auction block. >> reporter: remember banana man? he announced his retirement after his school suspension was suspended. i'm pat collins. i'll have the story coming up. coming up in sports, just
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three days away from the redskins showdown with the cowboys, we'll hear from both sides on of the
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phillies. news 4 at 6:00, continues. the man who jumped other the white house fence this week has been released from jail for now. the suspect is a 35-year-old from the uk. on tuesday he was arrested after jumping the fence and running toward the white house. he was charged with unlawful entry. today, a d.c. judge denied the request to keep him in custody. he was released and told to keep away from the white house. the palestinian bid for statehood on monday. it could take several weeks, if not months. the u.s. says it would veto the
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move. abbas requested the recognition today. he told the general assembly negotiations with israel will be meaningless as long as they keep building on land the palestinians want for a state. the prime minister benjamin netanyahu want them to have their own state, but they must be willing to compromise. david gregory is here with a look at the week's news. >> let's talk about the debates last night with the republicans. there were nine people on the stage. it's really about two of them, right? >> it is. it's about perry and romney. the others play a role. i think it's headed in that direction or someone to be named later. there's still dissatisfaction. i think they are the focus now. >> there's another story that's
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reared its ugly head now after a few weeks of quiet, the budget issue on capitol hill. >> we have the tax fight, the tax debate and the government shutdown on how to pay the bills now. i was talking to a white house official shaking his head. they couldn't believe they were facing this again. it's striking that we are here again. >> didn't these folks go home to their districts over their break and hear from their constituents. >> that they weren't happy. yeah. it didn't change. >> let's go international. >> yeah. >> netanyahu says that's okay. we have to gauche nate this thing. he's on your show this weekend. is this going anywhere? >> no. there is no peace process. there's no peace discussion. there is a state of high tension between israelis and palestinians. look at where this is happening. it's an arab world in revolution. it's bad news for the israelis.
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it's something i want to talk to him about. it's not getting into the nitty gritty of a process that's not here. >> now, turkey and others are claiming they have incredible beefs with israel as well. >> it's more isolated than israel has been for a long, long time. >> you are headed to new york? >> we'll do the show in new york and talk about education nation and talk to mayor bloomburg and education and the fight over the economy and taxes and the tax fight being a big one for the campaign next year. >> david gregory, thanks. david's new program called "press pass" airs right after "meet the press." it airs sunday mornings at 11:30. are we ever going to get out of this? what is going on? >> no. >> get on the boat and -- >> exactly. people said with irene they were
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going to make a boat. lee they said we're going to build a boat. lee, there we go again now this. it does look like we dodged a bullet once again as far as the major flooding is concerned. we were talking about this the last couple days. not a repeat of the flooding. now, the rain is moving out for now. remember, jim and doreen, we were talking about the nationals not getting a game in. i might have been wrong. i think we'll be okay. they were talking about starting the game. if you have time to head to the nationals game, they may get it in. the rain continues to move off to the north and east. we are going to get out of the rainy pattern eventually. now, the sensitive doppler radar, most of the rain off to the east. still a few showers to the west. this is going to be the light shower activity as it makes its way on through. the heaviest is along the
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chesapeake and potomac rivers in southern maryland. you can see some around waldorf. right around annapolis and the chesapeake bay bridge. no real big flooding to talk about today. we saw a couple roads closed toward frederick county and the baltimore region. this is the reason why. we saw two and a half to three inches of rain in some locations. you can see the locations. the same counties hit tremendously hard from irene and lee. 1.4 inches in the southern portions of fairfax county. then down toward the south, about 2.6 inches, 2.4. flash flood wash. no longer in effect for the d.c. area. to the east, it's in effect until 10:00 tonight. i wouldn't be surprised to see it canceled in the next hour or so. for the record, as we clear out a little bit, the clouds are rising.
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72 degrees out there right now. low this morning, only 69. well below average once again as we make our way through the day. nearly an inch of rain. it makes it 8.24 inches of rain for the month. no, we are not done yet. we'll see more this weekend. 71 degrees out there now. winds on the calm side. not a bad evening if you are thinking of getting out and about. don't cancel plans. carry a purse of umbrella. we needed the golf umbrellas earlier. now you can have them again. we are seeing the light showers. 72 in manassas and cam bridge coming in at 70 degrees. mostly cloudy tonight, a chance of showers mainly to the east. most on the light side. you'll see the showers to the west, the mountains of west virginia and portions of the blue ridge. 63 to 68 degrees tomorrow afternoon. we're going to see another chance for rain. it's a pretty good chance. not a wash out.
6:22 pm
tomorrow is shower activity. a rumble of thunder or two with the temperatures in the 70s. winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. we have to dodge the rain drops through the day tomorrow and into the day sunday and monday. into the day on tuesday. and then -- we see some light at the end of this tunnel. things will start to dry out and warm up as we make our way in towards next week. today, the first official day of fall. mother nature bringing us more rain to go along with every other season. >> i'm looking at the light at the end of the tunnel. isn't that what you were saying about this weekend? >> no. no. i said i'm optimistic about the weekend. i think we have to see a little bit of rain. >> all right. we'll hang in there, doug. coming up, investigators coming up, investigators ture,
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damage done during an earthqu e earthquake. federal investigators have a clue in saturday's deadly air show craft in west virginia. a photo shows an open panel on a wing. accidentally leaving a panel open could make it harder to control the aircraft. the pilot was killed when the 1950s plane crashed during an aerobatic turn. the report could take up to six months. the earthquake that hit a month ago now, there's still no word on when the washington monument might reopen. several stones near the tip cracked when the 5.8 earthquake rattled the area.
6:27 pm
then rains seeped through the weakened mortar and caused new cracks as well as flooding on the inside. there are plans to winterize the monument. the national parks service scheduled a news conference for monday to share the latest on the project. a local school superintendent plans to step down after four decades in public education. a compromise after a 14-year-old got suspended because of a prank during a football game. president obama wants to fix the flaws in the no child left labored breathing ]
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[ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts: more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections.
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)"nues. pv(q
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the superintendent of virginia's largest school district says he's going step down. >> he ran one of the nation's top performing school systems with growth of 11,000 students in seven years. jane watrel has more on the surprise retirement announcement. >> he says he wants to announce the decision to retire now before school board elections. several candidates running have been critical of his management style. his day began at the white house watching the president make an announcement on the no child left behind act. >> he graded it an a minus to b plus and d on the components. >> reporter: jack dale has been a fixture on the local and educational circuit. june of 2013, that will change. dale announcing he will retire when his contract ends.
6:32 pm
he calls it bittersweet. >> bitter because you will miss these people and opportunity. fairfax, you have the opportunity to work on a national level. the sweet part to scale back. >> reporter: he's been at the helm of the fairfax county schools for years. it's the largest system in virginia. it hasn't all been easy. taking fairfax county through the highs and lows of three years of budget cuts brought about by a shaky economy. >> we eliminated summer programs for kids. i'm worried about that. >> reporter: his tenure brought about frustrations. this candidate who heads a coalition of those critical of dale says there needs to be greater oversight on discipline. a policy many parents considered too harsh. >> the school board looks to the superintendent and staff to provide the data. it's taken the community to challenge the data and
6:33 pm
demonstrate the superintendent and leadership team have not been forthcoming with the information that enables the school board to do a better job. >> i have 12 school board members, do you want to have 20. >> reporter: he points to his accomplishments paying teachers year round salaries. >> we raised graduation rates. we continuely strive to meet the needs of kids who are not as advantaged. we have more programs in fairfax county that are the state of virginia. >> reporter: there's no word when the search for his successor will meet. >> thank you. today, president obama used executive power to make a major change to the no child left behind act. it was enacted under george w.
6:34 pm
bush. the goals were admirable, but problems in the goals. schools lowered standards to eliminate penalties. >> keep in mind the change we are making is not lowering standards. we are giving you more flexibility to meet high standards. we are going to let states, schools and teachers come up with innovative ways to give our children the skills they need to compete for the jobs of the future. >> states can request exemptions beginning in november. several conditions must be met before they will grant the waivers. the acting inspector general of the u.s. army caused a turn around at arlington national cemetery. in his words, dramatic. they told the house subcommittee they fixed dozens of deficiencies at the cemetery. a harsh report identified major problems including misplaced remains and unmarked headstones.
6:35 pm
many of the problems have been fixed, new ones emerged including burial wait times. as long as three months. some say management should be taken over by the department of veterans affairs. the man accused of impersonatining young was taken into custody this afternoon by the police. he used the nfl players name and image to solicit money from people in the d.c. area. he's in jail facing felony fraud charges. the high school student in stafford county who ran around the football field in a banana costume. they suspended him for two weeks. we have the latest. >> reporter: as of today, can we say banana man is in retirement? >> i believe so.
6:36 pm
i think he's retired. >> reporter: after a hearing at the school headquarters, the banana man and his mom announced the school suspension had been, well, suspended. if he doesn't get into anymore trouble, this whole thing could go away. >> i'm going to have to be on my best behavior. >> reporter: like an alter boy. >> yeah. >> can you do it? >> yeah, i co-do it. >> reporter: disciplined after he dressed as a banana and ran across the football field during the halftime of last week's game. he said he was just kidding around. >> i just wanted to make people happy. >> reporter: did you realize it would come to this? >> not at all. >> reporter: the principal suspended him for ten days. he served half the suspension. he'll be back in class next week. as far that banana costume? there are two stories about that. brian says --
6:37 pm
>> i think i'm going to frame it. >> reporter: frame it? >> yeah, most definitely. >> reporter: his mom has a different plan. >> i think i'm going to burn it. >> reporter: there's another football game scheduled here tonight, weather permitting. one way or the other, brian thompson won't be here and banana man won't be here. i still haven't heard from the grape. i'm pat collins, news 4 stafford county. >> stay tuned, pat. it will land.
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the work of andy warhol. hello, i'm meteorologist, doug kammerer. still watching the rain move out of the area.
6:41 pm
that is very good news right now. you can see, we are not looking at rain around the district. low clouds in the district and a few breaks in the clouds. current temperature 70 degrees. the dew point is 70. the humidity is 100%. the rain continues to move off to the east. that is very good news for us. heavier rain toward charles county and northern portions of st. marys county. a line of showers toward portions of west virginia and virginia. we'll watch that. that's the frontal boundary. there's where the heavy rain is now, to the east of allens. also around mechanicsville and st. marys county. as we widen out, this is the end of the heavy rain. a few showers left behind. i think we'll see some of those tonight and during the day tomorrow. temperatures in the 70s tomorrow. we may see fog early and sunshine, too. not a complete wash out on your
6:42 pm
saturday. i wouldn't cancel too many plans. kids t-ball games might be canceled. give a call to the coaches. guys. >> thank you, doug. this big old piece of space junk hasn't fallen to earth, yet. nasa says it's not moving as fast as expected. the six ton satellite may not crash down until late tonight or early tomorrow. nasa says because of the delay, there's a chance some of the debris could land in the u.s. it's a satellite about the size of a bus. it's expected to break into more than 100 pieces, most of which will burn up upon reentry. >> a great mass of it. >> yeah. good stuff here coming up in sports. nats making
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rivalry. sports is coming up when we but it co it's not what it used to be but it could be, again, if we keep on the way we were. >> we're talking about the rivalry. i was talking to one of my
6:46 pm
friends who is a dallas fan. he was talking about the comments deangelo made. he said he's a punk. i said i like it. it's legit. >> it's football. >> he's not going out trying to hurt him. not going to hit him in the head or below the knees. >> every week they are going out trying to hurt somebody. what do you mean? >> they are trying to win a game. he was a great trash talker. this week in our studios. he said he would rather lose an arm than lose to the cowboys. that's just a passion that's in him. it's still there. the redskins-cowboy's rivalry is summed up in one play. in the 1983 nfc championship play, aka secretary of defense hit cowboys quarterback danny white so hard, it made him cry.
6:47 pm
this week, deangelo hall riled them up saying he was going to hit romo's ribs. in their last meeting, grossman threw for over 300 yards and two interceptions. the cowboys one without romo. lately, the games have been close. five of the last six meetings have been decided by six points or less. players like former giant barry colfield knows this is big time. >> it's a storied rivalry. it's one the fans are passionate about. it tells me everything i need to know. when i came here, people said you have to beat the cowboys. that means a lot to me right there. so, i'm just trying to fit in. it's a division rival. it's on the road. there's a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding it. it will be fun. >> it will be different coming from the opposite end.
6:48 pm
it will be different but we got one goal, to come out with a win. i'm real excited to get down there and prove a point, to go out there and help my teammates win and just do what i can, whatever it takes. >> cowboys versus the redskins. it's the makings of a good rival. you have to look forward to it. they are 2-0 and number one in the east. we have only played two games. we'll see after monday where everybody stands. >> love that video. some good news for romo. his punctured lung is healed. the status for monday is unclear. romo hasn't practiced the last two days recovering from a broken rib. if he plays, he'll wear a protective vest to protect the broken ribs. as for an update, landry will be a game time decision. he hasn't played since week nine
6:49 pm
of last year. he remains hopeful that he will return on monday night. here is dan hellie with the head coach. >> reporter: coach, do coaches get extra juice for trim time games like this? >> you get extra juice. especially early in the season on the road. monday night makes it extra special. great rivalry through the years. you look forward to it. >> reporter: how much attention do you have to pay to their injuries? >> you are always playing for injuries. they have injuries, we have injuries. people have injuries no matter what team you are on. the guys who are second team players want a chance to be first team players. the second team players play better than first team players. on our team, it's happened numerous times. you have to take care of business. focus on the job at hand and get
6:50 pm
the job done. >> the redskins and cowboys meeting for the 15th time on monday night football. talking baseball, straussburg is scheduled to pitch against the braves. he would start in the season finale on wednesday against florida. last night, the nats made history sweeping the phillies. the sweep wasn't against the every day starters, but it still counts. here is how it went down. nats rookie peacock throws a ball up to his father before the game. it's a tradition. a shallow fly ball to right. it falls in. ankiel scores a break for the nats. they take a 1-0 lead. bottom of the inning, pea come cruising along pitching to pete orr. pete orr is not an every day starter. pea come goes 5 2/3. one hit, no runs, strikes out
6:51 pm
two. his parents say way to go, son. top of the eighth. two on. beast mode. deep to center for a three-run shot. his 28th of the year. the nats win 6-1, completing a four-game sweep. >> everything just came together in this series. defense was great. we had a lot of double play balls. a lot of fly balls. guys got on base. pitching was there. timely hitting. it was a great series. it's something to show what we are capable of and, you know, in 2012. >> nats three games under .500. not much news to report regarding nba lock out. players and owners have yet to reach a labor agreement. they could meet next week. part of regular season will be
6:52 pm
lost. one more football note. brett favre is coming back as a television analyst. he will help call the southern miss game. favre is a fickle guy. he said just because he's working one game, he's not committing to a career in broadcasting. so, we don't have to worry about so, we don't have to worry about he's cominture,
6:53 pm
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goes on the auction block. we are coming right back. items from a popular capitol hill watering hole are going up on the auction block. they are closing for business. items including the bar stools, knee on signs will be sold in an online auction. they opened in 1965 and is d.c.s
6:56 pm
oldest irish bar. the plans are to renovate it and reopen under new management. a new sentence to criminals. a sentence to church instead of jail. two hollywood a-listers in town for a documentary. also tonight, why some local firefighters were subjected to breathalyzer tests while on duty. one more check on the weather, doug. >> the rain is moving out of here and i have proof. want to see the proof? look outside right now. a nice shot. a pretty shot. it's all 22. there it is. right there. look at that. how do you like that? isn't that nice? a pink hew on the washington monument. very nice. the rain continues to move out there. the temperature now is 70 degrees. dew point of 69. still on the calm side. a nice evening. we have rain though, especially in southern maryland and west
6:57 pm
virginia, virginia border, we are seeing shower activity there. i think it will die out. you may want to take the umbrella with you if you are about to head out. as far as the rain is concerned, you can see it in southern prince gorges county. prince frederic comes to route 2 through portions of calvert county. st. mary's county, you have seen the rain all day. some locations picking up two to three inches of rain. a 40% chance of rain tomorrow, 50% chance on sunday. it will not be an all day rain. do not expect to see a wash out. don't cancel plans if you are heading to the fairs. 78 on monday, 76 tuesday. as we make our way into wednesday, thursday and friday of next week, the sun will come out. behind that, something else is coming that i'm not going to
6:58 pm
tell you about. >> don't. we can wait to hear about that. thanks, doug. two andy warhol exhibits are opening this weekend. one is at the east wing. in strikingly different ways they capture the essence of warhol, who remains the reigning king of pop art. wendy rieger has more. >> reporter: welcome to the shadow. andy warhol's vast display of a play of light. in this monumental exhibit, warhol takes a shadow, which is nothing and makes it really something. >> he says it was a shadow of his office. there are stories. we are not sure of the origins of the shadow but it's the ideal. >> reporter: warhol's is made of 102 panels, no two alike along the sweeping curve of the circular walls. it's stunning like a streak of light heading into infinity. because of the sweeping walls,
6:59 pm
all 102 panels can be shown together for the first time ever. it is a powerful thing to behold. >> like them to take the experience and what it means to be in 450 linear feet and span the floors. that's the experience we hope they take away. >> head to the east wing and read the news, warhol style. warhol headlines shows the nexus between art. tabloids yet because it's a headline, it suddenly does. >> he's pointing our attention to we are the consumers of the news and the headlines are a label on a package that we are being enticed to buy. >> reporter: he found his life screaming from the newsstand and he loved it. >> absolutely, he wanted to be in the news. he wanted to be a star and he was. >> reporter: now, he's


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